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Special Weapons Magazine Highlights the SEI Crazy Horse.

This is a great article written about the M14Se Crazy Horse.

Press Release: Smith Enterprise Receives Contract from Special Operations Command for .50 Cal. Vortex® Flash Eliminator

As Seen On
.50 Cal. Vortex® Flash Suppressor declared number one flash suppressor on the market.

Tempe, AZ – CRANE Naval Service Warfare announced they are awarding Smith Enterprise’s patented Vortex® Flash Eliminator a 5 year $1.5 million contract after it was rated the number one suppressor in their developmental test report. CRANE is the testing and contracting division for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) which includes the Army Rangers, Navy Seals, and other Special Operations Forces.

Flash suppressors are attached to the muzzle of combat weapons to reduce the visible burning gases that exit the barrel reducing the chances that the shooter will be blinded in dark conditions and helping to hide the shooter’s position.

The rigid testing performed by CRANE showed that the Vortex® Eliminator was superior to other models easily passing the 95% flash reduction threshold through 10,000 rounds of machine gun fire, a feat extremely difficult to duplicate. During the extensive level of examination the Vortex® was also proven to not interfere with normal combat functions, alter weapon firing or cycling, or interfere with mechanical sight. Hazard analysis, visual flash analysis, hardness testing, drop testing, vibration testing, rust resistance testing, and measurement testing were also conducted – SEI passed all standards.

The patented Vortex ® is the only flash hider in the world with a helical flute design that breaks up the flash at multiple locations and angles in the suppressor. This is far superior to the straight flute design used by other manufacturers and allows the Vortex® to reduce more flash making our troops safer in combat situations.

When told of the contract award Smith Enterprise President Ron Smith had this to say, “SEI is especially pleased to receive an award for the .50 Cal weapon system. Flash suppression is especially needed for .50 Cal gunners in Afghanistan because many mounted vehicle gunners are often exposed to enemy snipers during mounted combat patrols. .50 Cal gunners are essential when fending off enemy ambushes at night. We are pleased that we can provide the superior Vortex® flash eliminator for the
military .50 cal gunners – one more way to help them come back home safe and sound.”

CRANE has ordered 638 suppressors to date with a forecasted 4,500 to be ordered through the life of the contract.

About Smith Enterprise:
Smith Enterprise Inc. (SEI), a woman owned and veteran operated small business, has been a leader in weapons upgrades for over 40 years providing high caliber material support to the Armed Forces of the United States and our allies. They are the only company to offer the patented Vortex® Flash Eliminator and the Quick Detachable Sound Suppressor with Rebuild Kit.

The .50 Cal Vortex® can be ordered by government personnel using National Stock Number 1005-01-588-9516. All other models can be ordered from GSA Schedule GS-07F-0144X. For more information please visit, or contact (813) 527-6334; e-mail:

SEI's Products are on our GSA Schedule

Our government Distributor, Deployment Essentials, recently received a GSA Schedule and added some of our products to it.  The schedule currently has:


All of the Muzzle Brakes should be added on by July 30th, 2011.  All of the other M14 items, Wind Talker Sound Suppressors, and Mounts will be added very soon.

If you are a government representative, you can order our products by going to GSA Advantage.  Then search for contract number GS-07F-0144X, and then select Smith Enterprise as the manufacturer.  All of our products are listed there.

The GSA Schedule is a pre-negotiated contract with the Federal Government allowing a streamlined acquisition process so that the customer does not have to wait for the quotation to "go out to bid" which can significantly confuse and slow down the procurement process.

SEI Wins Patent Infringement Settlement

While SEI currently enjoys an outstanding relationship with ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal and the US Army, 2 years ago that ARDEC authorized a the weapon manufacturer named Fabrique National (FN) to copy our Vortex design.  Fortunately for SEI, we had the patent to this invention of ours and were able to bring this to the attention of ARDEC.  Before we could act, FN fielded approximately 13,422 of our flash hiders to the Army for their M240H machine gun - the machine gun used on helicopters.  Many Soldiers who were fielded this piece of equipment reported back to us that it was not nearly as good as SEI's Vortex.  It was not hardened to the specifications SEI's was.  It bent easier; it melted faster; and it was not as effective at blocking the flash.

Right when our board-certified lawyers were at the Court of Federal Claims, the Picatinny's lawyers sent us an offer for settlement.

Here is a video a US Army soldier was gracious enough to send us comparing the two versions (ours verse FN).

Here is a press release we sent out about it

Here is our rebuttal to the US Army's statement on it.

"If its good enough to steal, its good enough to buy."

We know there are a lot of great people at Picatinny Arsenal who do great work for our Soldiers.  This article, patent infringement case, or settlement in no way reflects upon all of Picatinny Arsenal - only those who participated in this wrong that was later righted.

Help Uncle Mike Save Troops Lives by Donating to His Cause

Uncle Mike from Carson City, NV is taking donations to purchase Vortex Flash Eliminators at a discount from SEI and send them to our troops for FREE.

If you want to help out, he can be contacted by email at, or by phone at 775-884-4430.

To find out more about this effort, or to donate online with PayPal, visit his page on myspace.
The following are emails from in country.

Below are some emails sent to Uncle Mike from troops in the field who are very appreciative of the generosity of those who donated and of Uncle Mike.

Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 05:54:40 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: More Vortex coming...
To: Mike McElfish

Uncle Mike,

I have to say the care packages you sent to our company are by far one of the greatest and most helpful items we ever received from anyone. We all greatly appreciate you taking the time and sending these flash suppressors to us. I have informed my platoon leader of your next shipment and he is very thankful. Our Executive Officer CPT Bell had each platoon draw an M14 from the armsroom and dedicated one soldier from each platoon to be their sniper. Of course each M14 was equipped with your flash suppressors, they were tested out and they are perfect for our daily missions. Again I greatly appreciate your support and will be looking forward to equipping my weapon with one. We all are doing great out here, and our overall mission on making Iraq a better place is beginning to finally take place. We have driven 65% of all insurgents out of our Battalion's battle space and 89% of them out of our Company battle space alone. There is still a few bad guys running around but not much of a huge threat. We deprived the insurgent of their resources by making over 80 villages in our companies Area of Operation a better place for them. Then achieving respect and honor from the local national's which resulted in capture of many High Value Targets and pushing the small ones out. I feel you should be aware of what were doing out here considering your thoughts for us, I hope all is well with you back at home and thanks again.

SGT Cabrera, Rafael (name altered for privacy)


Subject: counterfeit Vortex on M-240 in Khandahar with the 101st ABN....


The U.S. Army is the only Chinook operator left in the world that does not mount the 7.62 mini-gun. We run with the M-240 which I noticed yesterday has a flash suppressor that resembles your product. I brief my gunners when on night missions to only shoot when they observe effective fire, which means the enemy already sees us, in order that we don't give our position away. During the day we'll shoot at all threats. So far we haven't had the problem your cousin and his unit had. We have a cavalry troop with us which is tearing the enemy up. They don't get too many chances to engage the Chinooks.

I appreciate your offer, and will ask around. It's wonderful to hear from a real American instead of the "sheep" that are more worried about baseball players and steroids than they are the war. We can hardly watch the news here, if we do we are in disbelief or disgusted.



From: Mike McElfish
Date: Friday, April 4, 2008 3:40
Subject: Thanks for reffering me...


CPT XXXXXXXX reffered your XO, CPT XXXXXXXXX, to inquire about the "Vortex" flash eliminators. We have sent 31 more to the XXXX IN, some of the guys have written and CPT XXXXXXXX sent a great photo. It seems that they can use a lot more and we will not let them down.

Justin I really appreciate your help and I still want to suppress your M-24, anyway thanks to you we are still going forward, and it feels sooo good!

You're Great Man!!
Forever Grateful,
Uncle Mike


Hey Mike,

I ran into those guys at a different base and thy inquired about my weapon (i have all the bells and whistles on it including a Gemtech suppressor on it) i went on to tell them aobut the vortex and the testing we've done on them to which they are impressed (they are the BN reconnaissance PLT standard now) Well those guys from Cco had a pretty bad engagement where guys couldn't fire back B/c that would of givin away their location so i recommended them to you. If those guys had Vortexes that night i probably would have less friends in the hospital now.

Ive been extremely busy and short handed i owe Mr. XXXXX at Remington an email that i cant write due to time constraints but here is his email: he is the head of the M-24 program. Great guy also. Is there a NSN for the vortexes as of now? pherhapps we could get the unit to bulk order them. Well i have some mission planning to do ill be talking to you.


Sniper TL
Battalion Recce Platoon

"Death as Promised"



I'm the Maintenance Test Pilot for the Pachyderms. We replaced the "Flippers" in January. We found the box of Vortex Flash Eliminators you sent. I shot a reflexive fire range with the Pathfinder Platoon yesterday for the second time. The first time I used the issue flash suppressor on my M4, yesterday I used yours. I'm sold! I passed several out to the Air Cav unit, as well as the Pathfinders.

After 120 days of operations in Afghanistan our task force has been involved in operations responsible for over 110 enemy casualties.

Thanks for your support, the letter was a big help.

There is a large black plywood Chinook hanging over our door with CW2 Rodgers name on the aft pylon.



From: jimmy xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: pics
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 16:10:54 -0600

Uncle Mike,

Here is what those guys were talkin about above the flight planning room in Khandahar. Enjoy





The second package arrived on the 7th of April. Everything works great. The SAW ones were the right ones. Thanks so much. If you want to send more we have a total of 18 SAWs, 8 240B and 117 M4s. Everything you send will be greatly appreciated. I am traveling right now. As soon as I get back I will take another picture of all the stuff and send it. The guys love the suppressors. Thanks again.

A Grateful Soldier,



Thank you for the box that you sent. I have been able to give away all but a small few.

The first and fastest ones to go were for the M4s. As we are loading up guys to transport them to another FOB I try and catch the guys that look like they are actually out in the country and pass a few out to them. I kept one for myself and almost got to use it when we made a crash landing back on the 12th. Everyone walked away but we were on the ground for almost 2 hours. We had our goggles on and I felt safe knowing that if I had to fire my weapon,the new suppressor would not shut down the goggles as much as the old one.

I will gladly receive another box and continue passing them out to the guys that I see.

Thanks as always,


Mr. McElfish,

I am the XO for C CO XXXX IN. My Commander Captain XXXXXXXXXXX spoke with SGT Justin XXXXXXXXX of our HHC Scout Platoon and he said you sold them some reasonably priced flash suppressors. What are you prices and do you know how SGT XXXXXXXX got the suppressors funded/paid for? We are interested in acquiring between 9 and 12.



I am a Gold Star uncle and a double Blue Star father, I started the Uncle Mike Project in Honor and Memory of my nephew, CW2 Joshua Rodgers 82ND, KIA 30 May 2007.

I collect contributions from your fellow Americans who, like I, want to help out where Josh left off. "Uncle Mike" donates these Smith Enterprise "Vortex" flash eliminators to deployed soldiers and marines. All I ask is for some input from the guys as to the performance of the Vortex and the value of this device in the field. Other than that all I need to know is how many of which type is needed and I will send them to you. I have M4, M249, M14, and M-240B in stock and you can check the Smith Enterprise website for a complete list of available suppressors. I will send another e-mail titled Save A Soldiers Life as soon as I tell you thank you very much for allowing us to help you guys out. It is an honor and a privledge, as well as my duty, to help you to be safe and succesful.

God Bless You All!!

Mike McElfish
Uncle Mike
Carson City, Nevada

Mr. McElfish,

All I can say is WOW! You are a fine American. I don't know what to say. I really didn't expect this. In my job as an Executive Officer I am responsible for supplying the Soldiers in my company with the things that they need. As I believe you are aware that can often be a very challenging path to negotiate. I don't know what is appropriate to ask for...

My intent was to find a way to purchase 3 M4 Suppressors per platoon (we have 3 platoons), that's one per squad in order to have a flash suppressed weapon as an option for each squad. We do have 5 M14s that I would like to suppress as well. I am extremely humbled by your generosity and that of those that are helping you. If you could provide us with 9 M4 and 5 M14 suppressors that would be great. Even one would be great!

Again thank you for the amazing way you are showing your support for those of us over here.



Uncel Mike,

We just got another 40 M4 suppressors and 4 more 240B suppressors from you! You are the greatest! Thanks so much. I am traveling again, but once I get back to the Patrol Base I will get a picture off to you.

Thanks so much.


Dear sir,

first and foremost i want to express my condolences for your nephew. many people would take a tragedy such as that and have some good come out of it. on behalf of everyone here i want to say thank you for the shipment of vortexes. given the nature of what we do and in the small teams we work in something like the vortex may give us a couple additional seconds to break contact with out hajj knowing where we are and maneuvering on us, these may in fact save numerous lives of my teammates. well thank you again, we have very limited internet time so i am going to cut this shot so i can write my family and let them know i am doing well. thank you again if theres anything we can do for you please dont hesitate to ask.

thank you again,


Dear Uncle Mike,

I wanted to thank you for the Vortex Flash Suppressor you donated to me.

Currently I am in Afghanistan serving with 1 of those bearded guy units. I wanted to let you know my unit received a number of the suppressors and they are actually being utilized engaging the enemy in the field. Thanks for the support and Thank you America.



Uncle Mike,

Thanks your awesome, as for other types you mentioned are there any made for the M-2 .50 cal?I know they dont have anything threaded on the end but maybe theres one that clamps onto the barrel? Thanks for the extras you sent with the Vortex the jerky sticks are so good. One things we usealot out here are baby wipes.

Like the "ToGo" packs that you can just throw in an assault pack because we are off the FOB running missions where there are no showers available.

Thats funny to hear about your son because many of us including me spent a ton of money in Korea but I was also able to save a lot to with the extra amounts the army gives you.

As for my dad he lives in Corona, CA. He appreciates what you are doing greatly and will probably be donating here soon. I know my sister is, I was gone on mission for a couple days but I bet she sent a donation out. Ill have to check on that one.

I will make sure the guys who I have given a vortex to write you. I know that they work pretty good I actually used my M-4 with the Vortex the night before last and I liked what I saw or well didnt see. There was a Humvee sitting down the route from me about 100ms away and he didnt see a thing.


Nov 3, 2007
Received via email

Hey Uncle Mike, Its (XXXX MPCo). Adam told me that he sent you a message that good. I shouldnt need more than 6 for now but if anyone needs them ill have them shoot you am email. Thank you so much for the .50cal on i cant wait to try it. As far and the fires go, my dad was on a 24hr standby for evacuation but it was later canceled. Thank God because he just moved in to a new home but I think there containing the fires pretty well. Thank you for everything and the support you give is greatly appreciated, its above and beyond and that is what counts. We need more people like yourself who are out there acting in support. Its makes being over here not so bad to know that its not just us over here seeing the good happenings. Take care and God bless,



Uncle Mike,

My name is Lt. Frank Axxxxxxxn, I'm replying on Ryan's account. I'm the battalion Scout platoon leader here on FOB Summerall. First I want to thank you for the support you're giving us. I currently have two of your flash supressors on a pair of M4's in my sniper section. They were used during an engagement in our area against some would-be IED emplacers. My guys were impressed and were wondering if we could talk you out of 21 more of them. I also have 3 M249 SAW's allocated to my platoon. Rest assured that your products have been used in combat by my boys and they are effective. Again, I'd like to say thanks for the support.


It's the 26th and I just sent your 2nd package. There are no m240's in the box but there are 30 m249's and 1 50 cal plus some jerky for you as well as some gum too. I also sent 18 dog tag flashlights with red LED. I will order more Vortex as soon as I get a list, I want to send what they need the most.

I hope everything is alright as I haven't heard from you in a while, take care of yourself bro.

Uncle Mike


I am still waiting for the first one but the people who want these are piling up. As soon as I get them I will get them to the field. We appreciate all you are doing.



I would like to start off by telling you Thank you. It's people like you that make me proud of what I do here. I'm sorry to hear what has happened to you and your family.

I'm almost 24....In 7 days none the less. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I joined the army when I was 22. I'm an E-4. Been in for almost 2 1/2 years.I'mwith the 10th MTN Div, 1-87th INF Cco 2nd Plt.I felt that I needed to do my part and help out in this war. I'm not really that good at writing things. I never know what to say.

This flash suppressor will more then help out for what we do. We do a lot of night missions. That's one thing that we don't want to do, is give our position away. Again I just want to thank you for what you do.

God bless you as well,


Uncle Mike,

shit, those flash suppressors work unbelievably well. we tested them out in the begining of the month while we were away at our mountain outpost (also the reason for such a late reply - the 1st half of the month i am always out of touch). that a top class product.

yeah, SSG Ralph is one our our sniper team leaders - i have been giving the suppressors to him and his guys as the are most likely to benefit from their use - in hide sites etc.

In my paltoon we have 4xM249 squad automatic weapons, 3xM240B 2xM-14's. we have enough M-4 suppressors, but like i said before Uncle Mike please dont go out of your way.

we had a half decent firefight the other day, we recieved 2 RPG's and over 1000 rounds of AK-47 against my squad. we returned fire but had a weapons malfunction on the MK 19. we came out alright, but missed the opportuntiy to bring the pain to those mother fuckers with the MK 19 - next time they wont be so lucky.

Thanks for everything Uncle Mike, and watch out for the monthly update comming in a few days.


Uncle Mike,

I have to say thecare packagesyou sent to our company are by far one of the greatest and most helpful items we ever received from anyone. We all greatly appreciate you taking the time and sending these flash suppressors to us. I have informed my platoon leader of your next shipment and he is very thankful.

Our Executive Officer CPT XXXXX had each platoon draw an M14 from the armsroom and dedicated one soldier from each platoon to be their sniper. Of course each M14 was equipped with your flash suppressors, they were tested out and they are perfect for our daily missions. Again I greatly appreciate your support and will be looking forward to equipping my weapon with one.

We all are doing great out here, and ouroverall mission on making Iraqa better place is beginning to finally take place. We have driven 65% of all insurgents out ofour Battalion'sbattle space and 89% of them out of ourCompany battle space alone.

There is stilla few bad guys running around but not much ofa huge threat.

We deprived the insurgent of their resources by making over 80 villages in our companies Area of Operation a better place for them. Then achieving respect and honor from the local national'swhich resulted in capture ofmany High Value Targets and pushing the small ones out.Ifeel you should be aware of what were doing out here considering your thoughts for us, I hope all is wellwith youback at home andthanks again.



My name is SSG XXXXXXXX. I am writing to express my thanks for sending the flash suppressor. I am glad to see that there are still people that support the men and women fighting overseas. I and everyone here thank you and all your Prayers and thoughts for us.

If there is anything you would like and we are able to get or do for you please ask and I will do my best to see that it is done. Again Thank you very much for the gift, it will be used very very well.



Uncle Mike,

Thank you so much. I really appreciate all that you have put into this product and all that you have done to put the right gear into the hands of the soldier. I can't believe that your company, through the deeds of it's employees, owner and support can send out that many Flash Suppressors to soldiers in need. It is truly an amazing achievement and you should be commended for it. There are many, many companies out there that seek profit from soldiers trying to get the best gear when their lives depend on it. It's truly a breath of fresh air to come across a company such as yours. I have already begun telling everyone I know about your mission. I have forwarded your email and the videos to all of my family and Friends at home and they have promised to begin sending money for your cause and also letting other people know of your mission. My whole FOB is carrying mainly M4's, (we have one M249 SAW, and one M14, on the trucks we run with M240 B's.) Even discounted prices for these products would be much appreciated, if you can't send the 6 you mentioned for the M4's.

Thanks again for all the help. It's nice to have support from people such as yourself back home. it makes a tough job easier.

Take care.


"If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." -Thomas Paine



As far as support, well take anything. We are a specialized unit that we buy the majority of our equipment. WE need things such as: Netting for windows Good camera tripods (leupold) Stools that telescope pretty high for hide sites good weapons cleaning solvents and lubes, bore snakes jerky and power bars, food thats small and has alot of nutrition books and magizenes pretty much anything you guys would like i can get a list from guys around but anything you think we could use, we probably will.

the m249 flash suppressors do not fit the short barrels, im handing them off to a line platoon do you guys have ones that fit short barreled saws? ill take as many m4 vortexes as possible i use one on my m14 and i love it (picture attached for a counter sniper mission a couple days ago, thats me on the gun) i passed out the email address for guys to get back to you i hope they will but we are constantly out on mission so please bear with us if theres anything else i can do to help your cause please let me know i really appreciate all you have done for us and people throughout the services im sure in doing what you have it has saved many lives, especially in the first minute when we initiate contact

for hajj to not know exactly where we are means he cant accurately shoot back and we can kill them faster and more effectively, and all of us here go back to our families. again sir thanks alot if theres anything you need, and promotional stuff ie: vortexes in action whatever ill do what i can to help you out because you have so immensely helped us, thank you


will be in touch.


I would like to take a minute of your time and thank you for everything thatyou are doing for our/your troops. There isnt to many of the citizens that reallygive a shit for what we are doing over hrere. And what little support that we get is really uplifting. I am currently serving my first tour in Afghanistan, and I am greatful for what you are doing, and you are making a diffrence. I have just recieved the flash supresser for my m249(SAW). Thank you.I will be sending your email out to see if it will help you.



well when you do what we do its part of life. i hat to say it but at the point ive lost enough friends and attended enough memorials that its just going through the motions. I feel aweful for the soldiers familys but it increases our resolve to reduce the enemy population. we were able to take out another team last night, partialy due to the vortexes their fire was unaimed and they couldnt figure out where we were shooting from thus we didnt take any casualties. would it be possible to get more M4 vortexes? well sir we appreciate your support and thanks for thinking about us.


Hey uncle mike, sorry i havenr responded but my yahoo email is not working from my computer. I cant click on any of the buttons (relply/delete/forward etc) so I had to find another computer to use. Thanks so much for sending out the package I cant wait to use the vortexs. I actually took out 3 or 4 insurgents today that were shooting at us and some IA (Iraqi Army)and IP(Iraqi police). There was 1 IA soldier injured but i think is going to be ok. As far as whatyour friend does thats awesome and I think thats great how generous he is but we are set and Ithink that there are soldiers out here who would need his help more than us. Thank you though.

Were out in the middle of nowhere (26miles from Iran) but most of the guys here get the big things they need of the internet. We have trouble getting personal hygeine item though such as body wash and shampoo.

I do feel kind of wierd asking you guys but I know that you want to help.

Thank you very much.



Merry christmas to you as well. Hope you, and your family is having a great day. We lost one of our soldiers from our task force a couple days ago, and many more wounded. So it makes it that much easier to give you the present of reducing the terrorist population up here. the vortexes are awesome, quite incredible how much flash it reduces. I appreciate your support and will be in touch.



If you want to help out, Uncle Mike can be contacted by email at, or by phone at 775-884-4430.

To find out more about this effort, or to donate online with PayPal, visit his page on myspace.

Fox News Dallas and Fox 13 Tampa Report on SEI

These are some videos from a while ago.  However, they still have important information that sets the Vortex apart from the rest.

Stuart Provine Sends Picture of his M14 with California Compensator

This picture is from 2007 sent to us from Stuart Provine of California.  This is our SEI California Good Iron Compensator.  At the time it was California legal.  Please always consult your local and state regulations before purchasing firearms or accessories.

.50 Cal Vortex Undergoing Testing

The US Army tested our .50 Cal Vortex in August of 2007.  Our Vortex did great during testing.  This version of the Vortex was also later tested by the Naval Surface Warfare Center CRANE and passed with flying colors.  SEI now has the contract for the .50 Cal Vortex.

Crazy Horse with a PVS-22 Cantilever Mount

In March 2007 we started to deliver these M14SE Crazy Horse rifles to the US Army.  Our customers were very happy with their performance.

Crazy Horses Built for the US Army

Here is a picture of our M14SE Crazy Horse upgrades we did back in June of 2006 for Multi-National Corps Iraq and the US Army.  This latest version included the Krieger USMC DMR profile barrel, our new Tri Rail MIL STD 1913 system, our new MIL STD 1913 QD Bipod, the new Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10X40 M2 Illum TMR Dark Earth scope and an advanced version of the Wind Talker Sound Suppressor.

Friday, July 15, 2011

SEI Leads the Way on .50 Cal Flash Suppression - GAU-19 and Browning .50 Cal

Smith Enterprise, Inc. is proud to present the Vortex® Flash Eliminator, the best flash suppression that money can buy. Specifically, we would like to highlight our GAU-19 Flash Eliminator.  But please don't take our word for it. General Dynamics, a leader in the Defense Industry for decades also agrees. They tested and approved our GAU-19 Vortex®.

The GAU-19/A is a 12.7-mm Gatling-type machine gun, that can be fitted with either three or six barrels. The gun can also have two different barrel lengths, which allows the ballistic performance to be enhanced for particular usage. Average muzzle velocity, using standard ammunition is 844 meters per second. The average recoil force for the three-barrel gun is 3.51 kN, at 2,000 rds/min, whereas for the six-barrel version it is 5.3 kN at 4,000 rounds per minute. When the gun is fired, the rotor revolves anti-clockwise, looking in the direction of fire.

In 1993, it was announced that the three-barreled GAU-19/A 12.7 mm gun was in production for use on the US Army's UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, and also on Hummer land vehicles, as a gudgeon-mounted weapon; and in February, 2005, Boeing has adopted the GAU-19/A as part of the armament package to be trialed aboard its experimental Unmanned Little Bird (MD Helicopters MD 530F) helicopter UAV. The US Army also conducted trials to qualify the GAU-19/A for use with the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, as part of the Kiowa Warrior Block 1 software and weight-reduction initiative. The GAU-19/A replaced the Kiowa's standard gun armament of a single .50-caliber machine gun.

So when General Dynamics needed a flash suppression that would stand up to the rigors of a multitude of needs, based upon their years of experience in research and development of the GAU-19/A, they turned to Smith Enterprise, and the Vortex® Flash Eliminator. The patented Vortex® is the only flash hider in the world with a helical fluted design, which breaks up the flash at multiple locations and angles within the suppressor. Rigorous testing has shown this to be far superior to the straight flute design, used by other manufacturers; and this design allows the Vortex® to reduce more flash, making our troops safer in combat situations.

Four specially-angled flutes dissipate the gas, while still containing the unburned powder. This allows increased residual burn for a less-visible flash. The Vortex® incorporates a helix design, essentially tightening itself when the weapon is fired. Such a specific design helps align exiting barrel gas, thus improving accuracy with any and all bullet types.

And General Dynamics is not alone. SEI was recently awarded a five-year contract with CRANE Naval Surface Warfare Center for their Vortex® .50 Cal M2HB Quick-Disconnect Flash Eliminator. Smith Enterprise was the only awardee for this contract, because the Vortex® was the only product (out of all those tested) that met the incredibly-strict threshold and objective requirements needed by the Navy. U.S. Naval Services plans to equip nearly five thousand .50 Cal machine guns with the Vortex®.

While other suppressors, or muzzle breaks, can reduce the visible burning gasses that exit barrels, and reduce the chances that the shooter will be blinded in low-light or dark conditions (and helping to hide their position!), the Vortex® does much more. Rigorous testing done by Crane has shown that the Vortex® Eliminator was far superior to other models. The Vortex® easily passed a 95% flash reduction threshold, even after being exposed to 10,000 rounds of machine gun fire. Such conditions are very difficult to duplicate, and no other flash suppression system can boast such claims.

During extensive testing and invasive examination (including hazard & visual flash analysis, hardness and vibration testing, rust & measurement testing, and more), the Vortex® was also shown to not interfere with normal combat functions, affect either weapon firing or cycling, or occlude mechanical sight. SEI's Vortex® surpassed all requirements, and all expectations--except for those who work for Smith Enterprise.

The Vortex® is machined from 8620 bar stock steel, then case-hardened to provide a tough core and extremely hard surface, which allows for maximum strength. It is Sound Suppressor capable. The Vortex® does not require the use of a lock washer. A clean, streamlined design, with rounded edges, allows the Vortex® to minimize snagging, while a skirt extension conceals gap between barrel shoulder and flash eliminator. The Vortex® conceals the flash essentially 99.999% - even while fully automatic.

The Vortex® carries a conditional lifetime guarantee. It is currently in service with a great many Law Enforcement agencies throughout the United States, and the Vortex® continues to be used in active combat by the U.S. Military.

Smith Enterprise, Incorporated is proud to be a wholly U.S., veteran-operated, small business. They have been a world-wide leader in weapons upgrade for over forty years, providing high-caliber material support to all of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, as well as her allies.

The Vortex® is only available through SEI; and, although the Vortex® system is often imitated (but NEVER duplicated), it is the only flash eliminator you will ever need, no matter what that level of need may be.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Andy and Jack Showing off the SEI Wind Talker Sound Suppressor

We fire the weapon first unsuppressed, then suppressed with supersonic ammo, then suppressed with subsonic ammo. As you can see at the end, the only thing you can here is the bolt going forward. Pretty quiet.

Eric Poole Writes Article about the M14 EBR-RI Including SEI's Parts

Hey Doug and Friends,

Here is an article I wrote on the M14 EBR-RI after a visit to TACOM last year. I'd like to make this available to you in case you care to pass it around or post it on your respective websites to promote your products. My next project is to cover Ron Smith's great contributions to our soldiers.

Semper Fi,

Eric R. Poole, Editor
SIP Division, InterMedia Outdoors

Download PDF here

Photo of SEI's Booth at the SHOT Show

We had a great time at the SHOT Show in 2010.  Our booth was visited by many soldiers, weapon manufacturers, and gun enthusiasts.  Please come visit us again next year.

SEI Congratulates Richard Smith's Carson City Manufacturing Facility

SEI is pleased to congratulate Richard Smith and his manufacturing team, for their dedicated service and exceptional tradecraft for the past several decades. Richard’s team has been a great asset to SEI’s fast and superior weapon’s accessory manufacturing. We look forward to more years working together with our Cason City facility.

SEI Sent Crazyhorse Rifles to the Nevada National Guard

We configured several old M14s from the Nevada National Guard by upgrading them into the SEI Crazy Horse M14. The National Guard was exceptionally happy with what they received.

Ron Smith and Doug Carlstrom from TACOM Pose with an Accepted M14 Service Rifle

At Camp Perry, Ron Smith poses with Doug Carlstrom, the project manager for the M14 EBR program at TACOM-RI.

Doug is holding what will soon be an accepted service rifle for competition at Camp Perry and NRA matches. The rifle pictured has our approved barrel and gas system.

This particular rifle shot 184 out of 200 at a 1000 yards by Ret. Brigadier General Eddy Newman.

We are offering a replica of this with some variations and the stocks will marked RINM-NM.

Mark Raves about the Crazy Horse and Kills a Hog

Subject: First Crazy Horse kill!

Ron and Andy,

I just wanted to thank you again for a FANTASTIC rifle, and share my first hunting experience with my new Crazy Horse with you guys.

Just returned from the hunting camp after opening weekend of hunting season in South Alabama. Although no one bagged a whitetail, I did manage to drop this ginormous hog at dusk Saturday night. First kill with the Crazy Horse ® as well!!

I was getting dark and I saw what appeared to be a blur, at first,(thanks to the astigmatism in my right/shooting eye) moving across the field to my left, at what I figured to be about 200 yds (turned out to be 195 yds). After further, hasty, inspection I identified it as a wild hog. He was moving quickly across the open 60 yd. plot/field crossing from my far left (9 oclock) heading toward 12 o'clock briskly. I threw the Crazy Horse up and quickly lost the cross hairs in the darkness and background. I quickly spun the NF illuminated reticle down to it's lowest setting, and then placed them on the hog for a good hit just behind his right shoulder.... just before he reached the treeline on the other side.

I fired.... heard nothing, saw nothing. Went down to look and lost my place (in relation to my shooting position) in the darkness. In short, I scanned the field and treeline with the Surefire and saw nothing. Then I saw a " hole " with no grass sticking up on the field/treeline intersection. Found it!

He was BIG. Someone made off with our scale, but we figure he was a good 250-300 lbs. I'm 5'10", an even 200 lbs., so you can see how this hog compares. Hog was taken with Federal 150gr Nosler Ballistic tip at 195 yds. on the move.

Thank you again! Just wanted to share this with you guys at SEI,

Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!

Pensacola, Florida

John Bell Commends SEI for Our Products

Subject: What a product

Dear Ron

I recently purchased four vortex flash suppressors for the following guns. A 16in barreled Rock river patrol carbine, a Ruger 13in barreled Ac556F, A 10in barreled Ar15 9mm and a 9in barreled Keltec SU16d. Here are the results.

16in rock river .556 patrol carbine- no flash in total darkness
10in ar15 9mm- same as above
13in barreled Ac556F- unbelieveable absolutely no flash. (this gun was always a flame thrower)
9in. keltec .556 SBR just a hint of flash, almost like the flick of a lighter. This gun was like a light show before your suppressor.

The results were so good had I had not seen it for myself, I would have found it hard to believe.

Thanks for the great product and for the support that you give our troops. Its a pleasure to do business with you.

Yours truly,
John Bell

Jimmy Thompson Commends SEI's Role in the MK14 MOD 1 EBR Program

Subject: Vortex technology

Mr. Smith,

I am writing to you to extend my appreciation for your innovative approach to suppressing muzzle flash with your Vortex flash hider. I recently had the opportunity to travel out to Crane Indiana and test the MK 14 MOD 1 EBR with the SEI 18 inch barrel and Vortex hider. It was a superb piece of technology, that not only performed as advertised but truly enhanced the weapons long range capabilities.

Your barrel delivered the level of accuracy so that engaging steel targets out to 950 yards was no problem, and at night the Vortex proved to be a mission- essential piece of equipment. Again, I just wanted to say job well done!

Jimmy Thompson

Lee Emerson Writes Post about SEI's Involvement in the TACOM M14 EBR-NM

Saturday, August 28, 2010

From: Lee Emerson


Sorry for the delay, I finally got a chance to get a post on EBRSOPMODS on the M14 EBR-NM. Just a FYI, Adam Russell has been very supportive. It's getting attention from Canadian M14 owners plus some of the more serious M14 guys from other boards. No drama, no BS, just good solid information on the platform. Anyway, here's what I posted...

Below is the post:

(Thread Started on Aug 28, 2010, 7:04pm)

There now exists a new type of M14, the M14 EBR-RI NM. It is a product of TACOM at Rock Island Arsenal. Doug Carlstrom and Mike Petersen have built at least 5,030 M14 EBR-RI in support of operational needs statements submitted by U. S. Army combat unit commanders overseas. I'm told that there is funding for another 1,200 M14 EBR-RI rifle builds. The M14 EBR-RI is going to be around for awhile.

The M14 EBR-RI NM is the next step in the evolution of the platform. The difference between the the M14 EBR-RI and its National Match sibling are: 1) Smith Enterprise, Inc. medium weight NM M118LR chambered 1:10 ROT four groove nitrocarburized barrel 2) Smith Enterprise, Inc. gas system and 3) Sage International, Ltd. M14 EBR stock fitted with an advanced design butt stock. The butt stock is believed to be a derivation of the Magpul PRS2 - G3 butt stock.

The first M14 EBR-RI NM was shot at Camp Perry on August 14, 2010 by a U. S. Army Brigadier General (sorry, I don't have his name). The General scored 184 out of a possible 200 at 1000 yards using M118LR ammunition. Before the rifle was sent to Camp Perry, Mike Petersen at TACOM fired it at an indoor range. It grouped 0.5 " at 100 yards using M118LR ammunition.

Here are some photos taken in July 2010 where it was assembled at Rock Island Arsenal TACOM:

his first M14 EBR-RI NM has a Winchester receiver. The stock is marked M14 EBR-RINM on the left side directly above the trigger. The barrel is stamped SMITH ENT TACOM RI M-118 LR. The barrel assembly and gas system for the M14 EBR-RI NM was assembled at Smith Enterprise, Inc. in October 2009 although a match reamed USGI flash suppressor was the muzzle attachment that was used for the RIA build:

Smith Enterprise, Inc. and Sage International, Ltd. are following the lead of TACOM Rock Island Arsenal for civilians that may be interested having a civilian legal clone of the M14 EBR-RI NM. If interested, contact Smith Enterprise, Inc. You will need to supply a host rifle for the build. If you live in a state that does not allow a flash suppressor with the Sage stock, a muzzle brake will be installed on the rifle. Options are NM or standard USGI M14 sights.

Original post appeared here.

Canadian Airforce Reviews SEI's M14 Parts

Subject: A M1a built with Smith parts in Canada

To all interested:

I am a Member of the Canadian airforce. I was in the Army and still shoot competitively. I started this project 2 1/2 years ago and was finished last fall. Thanks for your advice and great parts. It shoots great! about 5/8" @ 100M, just a bit heavy...


Retired Police Officer Writes Letter of Recommendation about SEI

Mr. Smith,

I’m a recently retired Mesa PD sergeant. A few weeks ago, a member of our range staff gave me a SEI AR 151M 16 muzzle brake and suggested that I install it using a crush washer. Last week, in my effort to find a crush washer, I went to your Web site, and discovered that the SEI muzzle brakes are initially supplied with jam nuts, instead of crush washers. Realizing that the tmit would have originally been supplied with a crush washer if that was the appropriate way to install it, I called your shop and arranged to come by and pick the appropriate jam nut.

When I arrived at your shop, I was absolutely amazed at the friendliness and courtesy shown to me by you and the members of your staff. When you saw that the unit I had was an older model that you haven’t manufactured in quite a few years, you arranged to trade it for a current model, and you refused to accept payment for it.

Over the past few years, the term “customer service” has largely become meaningless in our society. Because ofthat, I was absolutely awestruck by this entire experience. I had initially expected to drive to Tempe, buy ajam nut in an impersonal transaction, at an exorbitant price. Instead, I encountered a group of truly nice people and came away from the experience totally energized ...... and so awestruck that I don’t think I appropriately thanked you for the courtesy and consideration I received from you and the SEI personnel. I am truly grateful, not only for the muzzle brake, but for the experience of meeting a group of really nice people.

Thank you,
Don Duhigg

SEI AK47 Vortex Flash Eliminator with SEI .30 Cal Wind Talker Sound Suppressor

Kevin Young demos the AK Vortex (p/n 6026V) with the M14DC 0.30 Caliber Sound Suppressor (p/n 2080).

10 rounds of Engle Ballistic Research 7.62 x 39 Jackhammer Subsonic ammunition fired from a pre-ban Norinco Type 56s. The target is a metal 50 gallon drum positioned on it’s side lengthwise. The strange sound during the video and after firing had ceased are empty shell casings striking a metal farm fence that is about 3 feet off camera. Accuracy? Some of the exit holes are touching others...

Pictures of Kevin Young's SEI M14s

M14s built by SEI, and personalized by their owner, Kevin Young. From top to bottom: M21A5 RRM, Crazy Horse M21A5 EBR, Crazy Horse MK14 SEI USN Mod 0, MK14 SEI CL.

Richard Smith Shooting K-Gun and SEI M14s

Photos from the 80’s showing Richard Smith, Mike Gruber, and one of the Fabian brothers, shooting our early “K-Gun” and SEI built M14s.

Ron Smith Poses with SEI Donated Drug Dog

Ron Smith with Cindy the drug dog, a member of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Canine Unit in North Dakota, serving the Three Aflliated Tribes, also known as the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. Donated to the Bureau by Smith Enterprise, Cindy has been used for many successful drug arrests and is partnered with Lt. Jeff White (aka Rushing Bear).