Sunday, July 24, 2011

SEI Wins Patent Infringement Settlement

While SEI currently enjoys an outstanding relationship with ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal and the US Army, 2 years ago that ARDEC authorized a the weapon manufacturer named Fabrique National (FN) to copy our Vortex design.  Fortunately for SEI, we had the patent to this invention of ours and were able to bring this to the attention of ARDEC.  Before we could act, FN fielded approximately 13,422 of our flash hiders to the Army for their M240H machine gun - the machine gun used on helicopters.  Many Soldiers who were fielded this piece of equipment reported back to us that it was not nearly as good as SEI's Vortex.  It was not hardened to the specifications SEI's was.  It bent easier; it melted faster; and it was not as effective at blocking the flash.

Right when our board-certified lawyers were at the Court of Federal Claims, the Picatinny's lawyers sent us an offer for settlement.

Here is a video a US Army soldier was gracious enough to send us comparing the two versions (ours verse FN).

Here is a press release we sent out about it

Here is our rebuttal to the US Army's statement on it.

"If its good enough to steal, its good enough to buy."

We know there are a lot of great people at Picatinny Arsenal who do great work for our Soldiers.  This article, patent infringement case, or settlement in no way reflects upon all of Picatinny Arsenal - only those who participated in this wrong that was later righted.

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