Thursday, August 31, 2017

World Class Chinese M14 Products

Just wanted to send you a quick update on some things we have been working on.

I am getting old and I don't know how much longer I can do this. These ideas and products of mine will be available as long as I still have a fight in me.

Chinese M14 Vortex

People love their Chinese M14s made by Norinco or Polytech. We now make a direct connect Vortex for Model 305 M14. This product is not on our website yet, so you will have to call the shop if you want one at (480) 964-1818.

Chinese M14 Gas Lock

For the Polytech 305 we have the Dovetail gas lock front sight and the hooded front sight. The Part Number is 2011-305 for the 22 inch barrel. The Part Number is 2000-M305 for the Direct Connect. The hooded gas lock Part Number is 2012-305. These can be adjusted for 18-22 inch barrel. Call the shop if you need one (480) 964-1818 as these aren't on the website yet.

Chinese M14 Trigger Jobs

We do trigger jobs on the Chinese M14s as well. We upgrade the hammer springs and the pins. We also reparkerize. The pull is 4-4.5 lbs. and optimized for accuracy.

For Canadian buyers, you can go through Brad Mills at Nortic Marksman.  He will square you away.

All of our stuff is Made in the USA and what better way to upgrade your Chinese M14 than to put something American on it?

Get some,
Ron Smith
Smith Enterprise

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Smith Enterprise Announcements

Colt Defense buys Smith Enterprise’s Vortex for the M-4

Colt Defense bought x150 of our Part Number 1001V-A2 Vortex for the M-4 Carbine in June 0f 2017. We have been working with Colt Defense for many years, and this is the 3rd or 4th order like this over the years.

Colt Canada buys Blank Firing Adapters for the C8 Rifle

Colt Canada ordered x100 of our Part Number 1015 Blank Firing Adapter (BFA), which is the BFA that works with the 10.5 inch barreled M-16s. This is an ongoing order with Colt Canada who have ordered over x1,000 of these parts off and on in the past 4 years. When they tested our Blank Firing Adapter, it stopped an 855 green tip round dead in its tracks thus ensuring the safety of those in front of the rifle just in case someone loads live ammunition. The test destroyed the BFA, but the round did not go down range.

CANSOFCOM buys Vortex Flash Hider for the M240 Machine Gun

In July, CANSOFCOM ordered x40 of our M240 Vortex Flash hiders, Part Number 1001-AV-A3. These flash hiders are the sound suppressor capable kind. CANSOFCOM has purchased an overall x700 of these items over the past 4 years.

Department of National Defense Canada Orders Vortex Flash Hider

In July, Department of National Defense Canada ordered x100 thread protectors for the Vortex Flash hider, Part Number 1001-SBV-556. Ordered in July.

Smith and Wesson Orders the Vortex Flash Hider for the MP15

Smith and Wesson ordered x650 Vortex Flash Hiders for the MP15, Part Number 1001-G6A2-PH. The “PH” is for the pinhole version so they can permanently install these Vortex Flash Hiders on the MP15. This is an ongoing contract of over 2,000 ordered in the past 4 years.

Smith Enterprise Vortex Passes HK Test

HK tested the Vortex Flash Hider, Part Number 1001-G6A4, and posted the video on their Facebook page. It passed with flying colors. Tested against 3 other flash hider makers. Smith Enterprise won the test. The video clearly shows that the Smith Enterprise Vortex is the absolute best Flash Hider money can buy.

Vortex Going on the Chris Kyle Gun

Cobalt Kinetics bought x255 of the newest Vortex Flash Hider, Part Number 1001V G6A4 with the patented Arc Helix. This order was for their newest rifle, the Chris Kyle gun. Tana Kyle, Chris Kyle’s wife, approved the rifle and you can see a picture of Ron with her from the SHOT Show.

Smith Enterprise signs a Distributor in Canada

Nordic Marksman is now the exclusive Smith Enterprise distributor for civilian sales in Canada. It is a  signed by SEI to be sole distributor in Canada for civilians. They are huge.

Hart Barrels to make M14 Barrel for Smith Enterprise

Hart Barrels has a teamed up with Smith Enterprise to make a 22 inch medium heavy M14 barrel from stainless exclusively for Smith Enterprise. Customers who want these barrels have to send their rifles to Smith Enterprise for installation. No installation fee. Rifle will be test fired.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Smith Enterprise Orders Picking Up for Christmas Season

As we get closer to Christmas, it seems that orders are picking up in a big way. Many of the relationships Smith Enterprise has been fostering for years has been paying off. Also some of our new systems are growing in popularity. People just want quality, they are tired for paying for things that are lower end.

Smith Enterprise Receives Orders from Colt Defense

Smith Enterprise is proud to announce that we are building sound suppressors for the Colt Defense M4.  Colt is one of the premier firearms companies in the United States. Colt Defense is the real deal, and has a long history and tradition. With our WindTalker Sound Suppressor, we are also providing our cutting edge Vortex Flash Hider.

New M1A & M14 Trigger Ordered in Large Quantities

Smith Enterprise announces that we are receiving a major influx in orders for our M14/M1A trigger work. The hammer and trigger pins are made from - S7 tool steel, double heat treated. It is both heat treated and salt bath nitrited. These pins work on M14s, M1As, and M1 Garands. Each trigger job includes deburring and reparkerization. It has a 4 - 4 1/2 no creep let off. The hammer spring is Smith Enterprise's own design as far as wire diameter and length. The GI issue hammer spring way too heavy, and was needing improvement. This hammer spring is the same one used when we made M14 Crazy Horses for ISAF in Iraq.

Smith Enterprise Receives Contract from South African Government

Smith Enterprise receives purchase orders from the South African Government for x150 Vortex A3 versions for the M240 Machine Gun. Anthony Weilen, Croc, out of Croc's Gun Shop is handling the shipment on behalf of Smith Enterprise due to his great experience exporting firearms parts.

Smith Enterprise Develops New .338 Lapua Muzzle Brake

Smith Enterprise is proud announce the new Muzzle Brake for the .338 Lapua. The 3/4 24 or 5/8 24 size muzzle brake will fit the Remington 700 and Savage 110. It was designed in the last couple months. Desert Firearms and ROBAR shot the new Smith Enterprise muzzle brake and said it is like shooting a light weight .308. Accuracy is not negatively affected, they said. Salt Bath Nitrited. Dimensions are about the same as the M240 Machine Gun Vortex .985. Has an A3 style outside helical groove around the diameter. Pictures on website. Suppressor for the Lapua is the same suppressor as the M240 machine gun, but the baffles are the proper size for the 338. Suppressor is going through testing. The Brake is very very effective.

New Sound Suppressor Adapters

More and more M1A/M14 owners are wanting to suppress their rifles. This is our new direct connect adapter. It has the .595x32 ID and 5/8x24 OD threads. The part number will be 2000A. It is machined from bar-stock 8620 and will be heat treated the same as our Vortex. This picture shows the part in the white, prior to heat treat and mag phosphate. THIS IS NOT STAINLESS.

New Flash Suppressor for Noveske

World’s best flash suppressor available for the Noveske and similar semi auto weapons systems, as well as bolt action rifles, including the Savage 110 FCP. Ideal for 6.8mm SPC applications or up to .30 Cal. Heat treated 8620 CM steel. Also fits DPMS Panther™ and Noveske.  Threaded 5/8”x 24 x .635±” thread depth. Also works great with the 300 blackout.

SilencerCo Sending Orders to Smith Enterprise

Smith Enterprise is proud to announce that have been receiving nonstop orders from SilencerCo referrals. Customers are requesting adapters for their M1A and M14 rifles so they can use their sound suppressors. Great company and honored to work with them.

New Mount for RMR and AimPoint Micro T2

Smith Enterprise has finally completed our new mount for the RMR and AimPoint Micro T2. We did this as a request from a couple 3 Gun competitors for their competition rifles.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hypocrisy of the Average Gun Buyer

Ron Smith really wants the word out about a hypocrisy in the gun industry.

The self defense of our families, the ability to hunt, and our God-given rights described in the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution take a high priority to all of us.

Here is the hypocrisy, says Ron. He said that people will buy some cheap AR-15 or firearms accessory from the latest start up gun manufacturer and won't give it a single thought. People are basically buying junk, yet they think they are getting something really good.

If our life, liberty, and property are important to us, then don't you think we should vet and research the company we are buying our guns and parts from?

People will research until they are blue in the face on Angie's List looking for most qualified, certified, licensed, and insured company to build them a bathroom, or clean out their plumbing, or build themselves pool. Plumbers get more research than firearms! But when it comes to guns, for some reason they don't research much.

Smith Enterprise has been around for over 40 years. We have a Class III License, an ITARs license, we are insured, we are registered with the Federal Government, we have done business with other countries, we have built firearms for the US Military, we have built firearms for the Navy Seals, we have done it all.  We are as certified and experienced as a company can get.

Now sure, we get a lot of business, but we could get a whole lot more if the average gun buyer would do his research. People need to do more research and don't trust everything you see in a store, it most likely is not made of high quality materials, processes, and craftsmanship.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

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