Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My rant on the Florida School Shooting

I have been thinking about this for a few days and wanted to share with you my thoughts about this school shooting.

This Cruz moron who shot up all these kids, God rest their souls, is a product of a liberal godless society.

These people have given us schools without God, schools that are gun free zones where teachers and administrators can't arm themselves, kids all doped up on anti-depressants, and parents who are either AWOL from their job as a parent or are too weak to bend these brats over and discipline them from time to time.

These parents now are people who were born in the early to mid-seventies. They have been brainwashed from back in those days. Spank your kids? Kids call the cops. Parents go to jail.

So now instead of being charged with assault, they end up letting their kids become monsters who go out and shoot up schools.

We need to grow a pair in this nation. Turn back to God. Start standing up to these libtards who are the main reason for all of our problems, yet they act like they have the solutions.

And let me tell you another thing - under no circumstances should be banning guns. Guns keep us free and are the reason we remain free.

Why do we all have to be punished and lose our guns because of an act like this? They always go after an inanimate object instead of solving the real issues.

Also - banning the AR-15 isn't going to stop gun crime. If you remember, JFK, Martin King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy were killed with a bolt action, a pump action, and a 22 revolver (respectively). What's my point? My point is these libtards are focussed on the wrong solution. They are politicizing this for their own gain.

Bring back God in school. Let teachers and administrators conceal carry. Let the husband grow a pair and be the head of the house so these kids get some discipline.

I haven't lost hope yet, but we all need to fight back against these gun grabbers and start proposing real solutions.

Semper Fi,

Ron Smith
Smith Enterprise, Inc.


  1. Exactly. Also, these same parents are failing their kids by letting them gallivant around the country in protest instead of pushing them back in school and back to their study's. what is going to happen when they are weeks behind.