Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New exclusive M14 Barrel

I have some breaking M14 product news.

We have partnered with Hart Barrels to bring a new medium weight 416 stainless barrel to the M14. It is available in the .260 Remington version and the .308 version. All barrels are made to Smith Enterprise's proprietary specifications.

Our .308 barrel is our new 1 turn in 10 with 5 groove left hand twist exclusively for Smith Enterprise from Hart Barrels. The barrels will be marked "SMITH&HART".

We are the only ones with a .260 Remington version out there.

Call (480) 964-1818 for pricing or email here if you want one.

Hart Barrels are extremely well-made, hand lapped after they are rifled and stress relieved. They are stress relieved 3 times in the process of manufacture.

We are shooting half inch groups at 100 yards or less using a Sage International stock and scope. That is unheard of for a gas gun to do that consistently all the time. Go here to see our video of us test-firing the .260 Remington version.

We are going to offer them salt bath nitrided to my specification or just in the dull shark-skin gray stainless color.

Again call the shop 480-964-1818 or email me here and we will get you taken care of.


Ron Smith

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