Sunday, July 24, 2011

Press Release: Smith Enterprise Receives Contract from Special Operations Command for .50 Cal. Vortex® Flash Eliminator

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.50 Cal. Vortex® Flash Suppressor declared number one flash suppressor on the market.

Tempe, AZ – CRANE Naval Service Warfare announced they are awarding Smith Enterprise’s patented Vortex® Flash Eliminator a 5 year $1.5 million contract after it was rated the number one suppressor in their developmental test report. CRANE is the testing and contracting division for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) which includes the Army Rangers, Navy Seals, and other Special Operations Forces.

Flash suppressors are attached to the muzzle of combat weapons to reduce the visible burning gases that exit the barrel reducing the chances that the shooter will be blinded in dark conditions and helping to hide the shooter’s position.

The rigid testing performed by CRANE showed that the Vortex® Eliminator was superior to other models easily passing the 95% flash reduction threshold through 10,000 rounds of machine gun fire, a feat extremely difficult to duplicate. During the extensive level of examination the Vortex® was also proven to not interfere with normal combat functions, alter weapon firing or cycling, or interfere with mechanical sight. Hazard analysis, visual flash analysis, hardness testing, drop testing, vibration testing, rust resistance testing, and measurement testing were also conducted – SEI passed all standards.

The patented Vortex ® is the only flash hider in the world with a helical flute design that breaks up the flash at multiple locations and angles in the suppressor. This is far superior to the straight flute design used by other manufacturers and allows the Vortex® to reduce more flash making our troops safer in combat situations.

When told of the contract award Smith Enterprise President Ron Smith had this to say, “SEI is especially pleased to receive an award for the .50 Cal weapon system. Flash suppression is especially needed for .50 Cal gunners in Afghanistan because many mounted vehicle gunners are often exposed to enemy snipers during mounted combat patrols. .50 Cal gunners are essential when fending off enemy ambushes at night. We are pleased that we can provide the superior Vortex® flash eliminator for the
military .50 cal gunners – one more way to help them come back home safe and sound.”

CRANE has ordered 638 suppressors to date with a forecasted 4,500 to be ordered through the life of the contract.

About Smith Enterprise:
Smith Enterprise Inc. (SEI), a woman owned and veteran operated small business, has been a leader in weapons upgrades for over 40 years providing high caliber material support to the Armed Forces of the United States and our allies. They are the only company to offer the patented Vortex® Flash Eliminator and the Quick Detachable Sound Suppressor with Rebuild Kit.

The .50 Cal Vortex® can be ordered by government personnel using National Stock Number 1005-01-588-9516. All other models can be ordered from GSA Schedule GS-07F-0144X. For more information please visit, or contact (813) 527-6334; e-mail:

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