Friday, July 1, 2011

Mark Raves about the Crazy Horse and Kills a Hog

Subject: First Crazy Horse kill!

Ron and Andy,

I just wanted to thank you again for a FANTASTIC rifle, and share my first hunting experience with my new Crazy Horse with you guys.

Just returned from the hunting camp after opening weekend of hunting season in South Alabama. Although no one bagged a whitetail, I did manage to drop this ginormous hog at dusk Saturday night. First kill with the Crazy Horse ® as well!!

I was getting dark and I saw what appeared to be a blur, at first,(thanks to the astigmatism in my right/shooting eye) moving across the field to my left, at what I figured to be about 200 yds (turned out to be 195 yds). After further, hasty, inspection I identified it as a wild hog. He was moving quickly across the open 60 yd. plot/field crossing from my far left (9 oclock) heading toward 12 o'clock briskly. I threw the Crazy Horse up and quickly lost the cross hairs in the darkness and background. I quickly spun the NF illuminated reticle down to it's lowest setting, and then placed them on the hog for a good hit just behind his right shoulder.... just before he reached the treeline on the other side.

I fired.... heard nothing, saw nothing. Went down to look and lost my place (in relation to my shooting position) in the darkness. In short, I scanned the field and treeline with the Surefire and saw nothing. Then I saw a " hole " with no grass sticking up on the field/treeline intersection. Found it!

He was BIG. Someone made off with our scale, but we figure he was a good 250-300 lbs. I'm 5'10", an even 200 lbs., so you can see how this hog compares. Hog was taken with Federal 150gr Nosler Ballistic tip at 195 yds. on the move.

Thank you again! Just wanted to share this with you guys at SEI,

Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!

Pensacola, Florida

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