Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SEI Gives $2,000 to Secret Witness to Help Catch Wild Mustang Murderers

As reported on our Facebook page, SEI was made aware of a certain poacher near Carson City, NV who killed two or more wild mustangs just for the sport of it.  Shooting these beautiful animals is cruel and attacks at the very heart of what makes Nevada a beautiful state.

In response to the outrage we felt, Ron Smith and Sonja decided to give $2,000 to Secret Witness, whose primary function is to catch and prosecute people who hurt wild mustangs.

Ron wanted to make clear to everyone he does not want credit for this.  The reason he is posted it is to encourage others to give to Secret Witness if they are as upset about these murders as he is.

To give to Secret Witness to bring these poachers to justice, you can go to their website and make a donation.  If you email them and say you are donating and that you want to bring these poachers to justice it will give them more feedback to help our cause.  Thanks a lot.

SEI staff

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