Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lawsuit Update - SEI's Response to Motion to Dismiss

Here is an update on our lawsuit against the person who posted unsubstantiated lies about our products.  You will notice some good info about our side of the story in this response to the plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss.  There 95 good pages that are worth looking through if you have the time.  SEI stands by our products and won't let individuals blatantly lie about them.

SEI Response to Motion to Dismiss


  1. In my experience SEI produces nothing but high end-high quality offerings. I am 100% in support of their [SEI's] effort to protect their good name. If a company doesn't protect it's good name, or its trade mark, or it other intellectual property, they will turn around real quick and find out they don't have any of it any more.

  2. How did this work out for you guys in the end?