Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SEI Rolls Out New NY/CA Compliant Gas Lock for SOCOM 16

Below are some pictures of our new SOCOM 16 Gas Lock.  It is an improved version from our one made earlier this year.  This gas lock is complaint in all gun control states as long as people follow the specific rules for each state.  If you have any questions you can give us a call.  Also please call us to order.  (480) 964-1818 or email

SEI Uses Epoxy Mounts for Recievers Setting Industry Standard

Here is an email from Jack (an SEI employee) to Anthony from Croc's Gun Shop.  It is pretty enlightening to see this one of many industry standards that SEI has started.


I was able to get some pictures done and edited for you to send out in your newsletter.

These are the cross sections of our receiver parts mounted in epoxy. These are samples that were done form last year’s batch. These mounts check the accuracy of our case depth and core hardness. There is no industry SOP as to when or how often this should be done, it is determined by Ron. Since perfecting the heat treatment process on his receivers in 1985, Ron has periodically sent out receivers from several different batches to get tested, just to assure that they have been staying within his heat treating guidelines. Ron doesn’t think that there is any other manufacturer out there that goes to the same lengths of quality control for their heat treatment. Material 8620 is very predictable in heat treat. The heat treat processes for the M14 in 1957 were far different than they are today, due in large to EPA restrictions. We have found that on de-milled M14 Receivers, that core hardness is as high as 45, which is extreme, with case depth as much as .0020. With today’s technology, it is much easier to control and predict the outcome of a heat treat on a given material than it was back then. We know that the USGI M14 Receiver when de-milled, were sometimes hit on the op-rod side middle with some type of hammer blow which broke them. The receiver would withstand a great deal of compression, but lateral strikes could not be tolerated very well.


SEI Gives $2,000 to Secret Witness to Help Catch Wild Mustang Murderers

As reported on our Facebook page, SEI was made aware of a certain poacher near Carson City, NV who killed two or more wild mustangs just for the sport of it.  Shooting these beautiful animals is cruel and attacks at the very heart of what makes Nevada a beautiful state.

In response to the outrage we felt, Ron Smith and Sonja decided to give $2,000 to Secret Witness, whose primary function is to catch and prosecute people who hurt wild mustangs.

Ron wanted to make clear to everyone he does not want credit for this.  The reason he is posted it is to encourage others to give to Secret Witness if they are as upset about these murders as he is.

To give to Secret Witness to bring these poachers to justice, you can go to their website and make a donation.  If you email them and say you are donating and that you want to bring these poachers to justice it will give them more feedback to help our cause.  Thanks a lot.

SEI staff

Lawsuit Update - SEI's Response to Motion to Dismiss

Here is an update on our lawsuit against the person who posted unsubstantiated lies about our products.  You will notice some good info about our side of the story in this response to the plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss.  There 95 good pages that are worth looking through if you have the time.  SEI stands by our products and won't let individuals blatantly lie about them.

SEI Response to Motion to Dismiss

Monday, October 14, 2013

M14 Receiver Update

This is just a peek at what we are up to.  Notice the bar stock in the steel tub - that is what we start with to make receivers.  That is why it takes a long time to get these built.  We make our receivers from bar stock, which no one else is doing for M14s (to our knowledge).  Notice the two receivers with larger thread gauges.  One is for pre heat treat and the other is for post heat treat.  We are the only company with these type of gauges for this process.

Thanks for sticking with us as we get all these M14 receivers built.  We are making great progress.

Product Disparagement Update from Croc


Below is a response our M14 receiver dealer (Croc's Gun Shop) put out to one of its customers who canceled their M14 receiver order due to a recent lawsuit filed by SEI against a gentleman for product disparagement.  We think it is a pretty well-written letter worth sharing and reading.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for the honest reply.

It is unfortunate that you make this decision without having all of the facts/information on the matter. The story you get on the forums is biased, half the story at best and represents an emotional and less than factual view of what has and is really happening. Smith Enterprise Inc. has a right to protect their good name against product disparagement. This is an unfair business practice and can be detrimental to a small business. The heat treatment issue remarks at the center of this matter are false, misleading and damaging. Our business is being damaged incrementally by people such as yourself who believe without any consideration whatsoever that everything that they read on the forums is true and posted by sane people. Take for example your cancellation and your reasons for doing so. You have been unduly influenced by the emotionalism and the irrational comments that are being made on and around this matter.

The comments that are made online in most cases are not factual and are frivolous in nature. They range from absurd arguments about the freedom of speech to personal attacks on the character of Ron Smith and or his employees. What you must remember is that Smith Enterprise Inc. is a leader in product development, they make a fine line of exceptional, high quality products and that these facts have not changed. Their reputation for quality and their expertise is what you relied on when making your decision to purchase one of their receivers from our company.

Our Congress has seen fit to regulate product disparagement and to make the person(s) engaging in product disparagement responsible for their actions and the losses caused by their disparagement. This protection is based upon fairness, ethics and good legal principles, it is afforded to all citizens equally. You need to recognize that Smith Enterprise Inc. has a right to protect themselves from this form of unfair and reckless behavior as it is their reputation and livelihood that is being harmed. Our company is also suffering continued losses because of the comments that were made and your cancellation request is just another one of those losses. The person who made these disparaging statements online has been given every opportunity to retract their false statements to date, to admit that they were false or expose their source of false information. All without having to make good on any of the financial damages that they have caused so far. Smith Enterprise Inc. from the beginning of this matter has offered an easy and respectable way out of this situation that would have ended the matter promptly.

If you were or are a small businessman I believe you should be able to understand that damage to a reputation and financial losses are difficult if not impossible to absorb and that to tolerate this form of reckless indifference to our businesses and the families that we support is not something that should be taken lightly or left unattended.

You should stand with Smith Enterprise in this matter instead of supporting the irrational notions of a very small handful of people who it would seem believe mistakenly in some self concocted Right to cause damage to others without any responsibility taken. Please reconsider this matter.

Kind regards,
Crocs Gun Shop

Monday, October 7, 2013

Press Release: Smith Enterprise Releases a New .50 Cal Flash Hider for M2A1

Tempe, AZ

Smith Enterprise designed a Vortex Flash Hider for General Dynamics several years ago for their improved .50 Cal Flash Hider project they were trying to win from the US Army.  Even though General Dynamics liked the SEI Vortex flash hider, they ended up making their own version of the old Smith Enterprise straight flute design.  The General Dynamic’s straight flute version is inferior to the Vortex because it did not have helical flutes which is a patented technology owned by SEI that blocks up to 98% of the flash.

SEI then got a call from 1SG Michael Onstine from the 82nd Airborne and he wanted to try Vortex on his unit's M2A1 Quick Change .50 Cal machine guns.  So Smith Enterprise designed a Vortex that will screw on the threaded .50 Cal, replacing the General Dynamics M2A1 flash hider.  SEI even added its famous skull logo that is seen on so many other of its products.

The soldiers of the 82nd Airborne will be testing the new Smith Enterprise M2A1 .50 Cal Vortex Flash Hider on 9 October, 2013.  SEI will post the review and results when they come in.

In case you missed it, SEI rebuilt some sound suppressors for 1SG Onstine's unit previously.  1SG Onstine is a silver star recipient and a very knowledgeable veteran of overseas combat.

John Bainer
USMC Retired
Smith Enterprise

Smith Enterprise Bipod Special - $30 Off

For a limited time, SEI is selling its Lightweight Quick Detach MIL STD 1913 Bipod at $30 off.  So that is our usual retail price of $265 marked down to $235.  This is a limited time only (15 November, 2013).  We encourage everyone to take advantage of this, as this won't last forever.  Call (480) 964-1818 or email to order.

The SEI Bipod is made from 4140 Chrome Moly Steel, 304 Stainless and is TiG welded to perform in the harshest and most demanding environments. The 4140 latches are Wire EDM cut to assure maximum strength and the legs are cut with positive locking notches to provide precision locking under any conditions. Our 4140 “ski feet” are a major improvement over any of the rubber of claw-type foot designs. The knuckle joint is machined from 304 stainless steel for exceptionally long life and durability.

Installation only requires only an initial adjustment/tightening of the two adjusting nuts. After these are snug down tight, removal/installation can be accomplished with a quick and simple flip of the throw lever. The legs are adjusted simply by depressing the top of the leg latches, which will extend them to your desired height. When not in use, the legs can be folded forward or backwards out of the way.

Specifications: 4140 Chrome Moly Steel, and 340 Stainless Steel Construction, TiG welded. MIL STD 1913 interface. Weight – 1.0lb, Height (from centerline bore), adjustable - - 7.0 - 9.0 inches.

Retail price is $265 $235 for a limited time.  Call (480) 964-1818 or email