Friday, October 12, 2012

Uncle Mike Thanks Ron Smith for the Crazy Horse M14SE Rifle

Because of all of Mike McElfish's (Uncle Mike) generosity to the troops, SEI built him a Crazy Horse M14SE rifle.  He was so excited about it and the effectiveness of the rifle he wrote us an email.  Here is what Uncle Mike wrote:

Dear Ron,

Thank you so very much for the job on the Crazy Horse, M-14 Rifle.
I took it out to the range with my son and his wife while they were here on leave, and the guy next to us had a couple of steel targets that he had made.  So we set them out at 100 yards and let them have it.  The target is 1/2 inch steel plate and the ammo was Remington 308, 150 grain out of the box from walmart.

This seems to be a pretty quick way to put holes in a steel plate, might not be just where you want them, but with some more practice maybe I will get there.

Thanks again for putting together such a beautiful rifle. This thing really kicks *ss!

Mike McElfish
Carson City, Nevada

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