Wednesday, October 3, 2012

101st Airborne Soldier Thanks SEI

Just got in this really kind testimonial:

On a serious note, I want to thank you all.

As an AZ native, I'm a big SEI supporter. My Platoon Sergeant, XXX, coordinated with SEI and got us Vortex Flash Hiders, platoonwide. From the long guns to the M4s, MK46s, and MK48s we were good to go. At night the Taliban never knew what hit them, and our AO presented many opportunities to put them to good use. Odds are that several American lives were saved thanks to your incredibly well made products.

I used XF-7 with great success on every weapon system I was issued, from the M2 on down. Mad Dog McClung was kind enough to give my platoon a bunch of it, and I'm really glad to see that you folks sell it for him, as it's the best weapons lube I've found.

Feel free to use this testimonial if you're so inclined, as long as you redact my and XXX's name beforehand. Thanks again for all you do.

D Company, 101st Airborne Division, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1-327 Infantry Regiment

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