Thursday, April 19, 2012

SEI Shot Thousands of Rounds Through Our Sound Suppressor on the MK48 and MK46 Machine Guns

Ron and Andy went out to a Naval Base in California with some Special Operations forces to try out our Wind Talker sound suppressor on the MK48 and MK46 machine guns.  We also put it on an M4 and shot 7 magazines through it on 3 round burst and full auto.  Most sound suppressor have back pressure issues because they are too small or the blow wide open because they are not rugged enough and cannot withstand the heat, but our suppressor held up even though we put thousands of rounds through them.

The SEI Wind Talker passed with all flying colors.  We had a Larson Davis sound meter there and were able to test the decibel reduction - and we can't publish how much, but it was significant!  Also, we were able to fire 120 rounds through the MK46 and MK48 on full auto with no issues to our Wind Talker sound suppressor.  Below are some pictures and videos.

Here is the SEI Wind Talker on a MK48 Machine Gun

Here is the SEI Wind Talker on a MK46 Machine Gun

Here is the SEI Vortex Flash Suppressor on the MK46 and MK48 (Random Shooting)

More Pictures with our Vortex and Wind Talker on the Weapons

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