Thursday, December 1, 2011

SEI Rolls Out New Tool Pouches

If you need the perfect tool pouch that is the perfect size, this is your kit.  This kit can fit all of the larger tools for serious armorers and it can also fit the smaller cleaning kit tools for the basic rifleman.  Our basic kit is about $60 retail and does not come with any attachments.  You can purchase the attachments seperately, however.  Available in Black, Tan, OD, and Multi Cam.


  1. The Multicam pouch for the tools looks great! Now you should market one with all the essential tools - like you have pictured - with optional minor changes and you have a hit! Another way to go is to combine it with an Otis 7.62mm Sniper cleaning kit as a possible option. I do not work for Otis. ;-)

  2. Ricardus, thanks for the feedback. That is a good idea and we will work on that.

  3. What kind of backing do these tool pouches have? Are they Molle compliant?