Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Experienced Security Trainer Gives the Good Iron Muzzle Brake Rave Reviews

We recently were sent a video about our M4/M16 Good Iron Muzzle Brake from Steve Cooper from Paladin Training...  We appreciate email like this and hope you enjoy watching the video.

Here is the email:

Sir or Madame,

I recently installed an SE muzzle brake on a 16” 5.56 AR and wanted you to know how pleased I am with the way it performs.  Muzzle rise and felt recoil are noticeably dampened, but w/o any apparent increase in sound or back/side blast to my surprise.  Everyone comments that it’s the least obnoxious brake they’ve seen.

 You might be interested in a video of the brake in use here:  http://contour.com/stories/urban-break-contact-carbine-class-test-run-paladin-training-inc

I rarely write letters of this sort, but then I’m rarely 100% satisfied with what I buy these days, as I am w/ your muzzle brake.

Thank you.

Steve Cooper, Director of Training

Paladin Training, Inc.


  1. I shot Steves rifle this past weekend and it made me sick, my brake was far inferior to this one. Good job with your brake Smith Enterprises

  2. Thanks Chris, glad you had a good experience...