Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smith Enterprise Stands with the Law Abiding Citizens of New Jersey Against Gov Christie's Gun Control Laws

Smith Enterprise has been halting sales of Smith’s products to state and local law enforcement agencies in states pushing for unconstitutional firearms laws such as New York, Connecticut, Colorado, California and Maryland. The latest is the State of New Jersey which has at least 20 anti-gun proposals floating through both houses of the State Legislature. The 21 bills raised in the House are now in the Senate where they may be passed into law as part of Governor Christie's "50 common sense gun restrictions"..

Smith Enterprise will not support the so-called law makers who are rolling out these measures and if enacted will cease selling their products to law enforcement and government agencies based in New Jersey.

SEI's President had this to say: "Once again another Anti-Gun State Government has decided that their current draconian gun laws are not restrictive enough and is trying to further encroach on the Second Amendment rights of its citizens. These laws do not prevent crime as they only affect the law-abiding gun owner and not the common criminal. Witness the two terrorists that wreaked havoc on Boston last week: they did not have the required state and local permits for the firearms they used to attack police officers after they were found out and were fleeing. The only thing the gun grabbers can come up with are more laws to give an illusion that they are doing something. 

New Jersey is looking to outlaw 50 caliber rifles, which are not used in crime, but by target shooters. They want to outlaw most standard types of ammunition. If these bills pass both houses of the Garden State's legislature and are signed into law by Governor Chris Christie, then New Jersey state agencies can add themselves to the list of rogue states that will not be allowed to purchase parts from Smith Enterprise."
In February, the New Jersey State Assembly passed 21 pieces of anti-gun legislation that are now in the state Senate and can be heard at any time. 

Below are brief descriptions of these anti-gun bills passed in the New Jersey State Assembly:

Assembly Bill 588 (Spencer / Coutinho / Deignan) – prohibits possession of commonly owned ammunition.
Assembly Bill 1116 (Fuentes / Spencer) – establishes 180-day prohibition on purchase of handgun for individuals who fail to report loss or theft of firearm.
Assembly Bill 1329 (Greenwald / Quijano / Coutinho) – reduces the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to ten rounds.
Assembly Bill 1387 (Wilson / Johnson) – permits municipalities to establish “weapon free zones” around schools and other public facilities.
Assembly Bill 3510 (Johnson / Vainieri Huttle) – requires proof of firearms safety training as a condition for issuance of firearms purchaser identification cards and permits to purchase handguns.
Assembly Bill 3645 (Greenwald / Eustace / Mosquera) - requires ammunition sales and transfers be conducted as face-to-face transactions.
Assembly Bill 3646 (Greenwald) - establishes a regulatory system to govern the sale and transfer of ammunition.
Assembly Bill 3659 (Barnes, III / Johnson) - revises the state's definition of a destructive device to include certain firearms of 50 caliber or greater.
Assembly Bill 3666 (Cryan / O’Donnell / Jasey) - prohibits mail order, internet, telephone and any other anonymous method of ammunition sale or transfer in New Jersey.
Assembly Bill 3668 (Jasey / McKeon / Cryan) - prohibits investment by state pension and annuity funds in companies manufacturing, importing and selling “assault firearms” for civilian use.
Assembly Bill 3687 (Stender / Fuentes) - disqualifies persons named on federal Terrorist Watchlist from obtaining a state firearms identification card or permit to purchase handgun.
Assembly Bill 3717 (Lampitt / Singleton) - requires submission of certain mental health records to National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
Assembly Bill 3748 (O’Donnell / Mainor / McKeon) – outlaws the private sale or transfer of firearms.
Assembly Bill 3750 (Cryan / O’Donnell / Quijano) - establishes a regulatory and reporting program for all ammunition sales.
Assembly Bill 3754 (Cryan / O’Donnell / Quijano) - requires the seizure of firearms when mental health professional determines patient poses threat of harm to self or others.
Assembly Bill 3772 (Eustace / Wagner / Vanieri Huttle) - requires that firearms purchaser identification cards display picture and mandates that firearms purchaser identification cards be renewed every five years.
Assembly Bill 3796 (Mainor) – provides a ninety-day window for persons to dispose of certain unlawfully possessed firearms.
Assembly Bill 3797 (Mainor) – requires law enforcement to report certain firearms information to inter-jurisdictional electronic databases including the national Integrated Ballistics Identification Network.
Assembly Committee Resolution 180 (Greenwald) – urges the President and the US Congress to enact legislation enforcing stricter firearms control measures.
Assembly Bill R143 (Quijano / Cryan / O’Donnell) - expresses support for Attorney General's gun “buyback” program.
Assembly Bill R144 (Oliver) – urges Governor Christie’s Administration not to apply for annual exemption from requirements of federal Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008.


  1. I am not surprised that Communists Statists, Leftist Stalinists, Liberal Socialists Loons are all lining up to curtail, undermine, restrict, and abolish our cherished Rights!

    There will come a time when we the people will "line them up" against the wall for crimes against the people!!

  2. Don't we have enough laws here in this state. I don't not want to give up my Barrett. I hope it gets vetoed and all the others that are sitting on Gov.Christies desk. Enough is enough already go after the criminals NOT the legal owners.