Thursday, February 14, 2013

101st Airborne NCO Gives Vortex Raving Reviews

We received this email a while back and never posted it.  We redacted the name, but the comments make it very clear that the Vortex Flash Hider works.  It is also clear the troops need it and love it.  It just further shows that SEI's products are "Combat Proven", hence the slogan.

Here is the email below:

Mr. Smith,

Things are going well over here on the front. We have been using the Vortex flash hiders like crazy in the valleys and of course up in the mountains. Of course you know we have them on our M-4s, M-14s, M240s, M249s and our MK48s. They work like a dream, but hey I already knew that. That's why I would never think of using another flash hider. I gotta tell you, a lot of people are always asking what it is and after I tell them the great benefits of your vortex flash hiders and how to get them then I see them a couple of weeks later with one. I will continue to spread the word here. I think everyone can benefit from having one on any weapon they use here in combat. Hell even my Commander, First Sergeant and XO have one on their M-4s now and of course they love them too. Our higher ups are not fond of us making changes to our weapons in that fashion so we simply put our muzzle caps on over them and no one is any wiser. I'll keep trying to bring them around they just have to step out of that box they live in and see it will save our lives if the enemy can't find our positions when we are shooting at them at night up in the mountains. Which by the way has already happened several times and we were very successful. I think it scares the hell out of them when they have no idea where we are when we are shooting at them. I have as well been taking some pictures of our guys in action with the vortexs on and will send them to you soon. I didn't know if maybe you might want to put it on the web site or just see them being put to good use. I will enclose my address here in Afghanistan below if you get a new batch of the Vortex flash hiders I can use on my OPS inc sound suppressor. I just need one as I am the only one with the OPS inc can here. Hell that reminds me I have been telling people about your 5.56 and 7.62 cans as well. I never got to use one but I know they are quality items because you are making them. They really like the fact that they can take it apart to clean the inside themselves and that the 762 can will work on the 556  as well. I think my Commander called your military rep from here about a week ago to check on pricing and see how to order one from here. I will keep you posted. Thanks for everything Mr. Smith. I always really appreciate all of the support you have given to me and my unit for the second deployment with a second unit. If you ever need me to write up a letter for you to post or anything you need at all, all you have to do is ask and it would be my pleasure. Thanks again Mr. Smith.

SFC X (redacted)

SFC X (redacted)
X (redacted), 1 BCT
101st Airborne DIV (AASLT)
COP X (redacted)
APO AE 09310

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