Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Patriot Care Package Award for all Orders over $10,000

SEI is doing a new promotion for our loyal customers - both civilian and military alike.  We want to start rewarding our high dollar customers.  For anyone that buys $10,000 worth of SEI products -OR- buys 60 of our products through an ordering system (if the dollar amount is not available), SEI will send that customer a bonus care package.

So to reiterate the requirement is:
$10,000 total order value
60 parts when the order value is not available (in an NSN order this is sometimes the case)

This amazing unprecedented care package will include:
1.  x1 G6A3 Vortex for the M4 (PN 1001V)
2.  x1 Good Iron Muzzle Brake for the M4 (PN 1002)
3.  x1 BFA for the M4 (PN 1015)
4.  x1 A set of Scope Rings (PN 7008 or 7002)
5.  x1 Highly sought after Smith Enterprise Velcro Patch
6.  x1 The coveted Smith Enterprise Shirt
7.  x1 A Smith Enterprise Sticker
8.  x1 And other goodies depending on what is available

For any orders over $20,000 (or 120 parts) we will throw in some bonus surprises not listed above that will surely be worthwhile.  In order to claim your care package, please follow the below steps:

1.  Send your receipt(s) showing a total amount of items or dollar amount to or fax it to 800-958-1776 with a cover letter explaining what is included/needed.
2.  Include your mailing address and phone number.
3.  We will follow up with you via email or phone when your package ships.

We want to start rewarding our high value customers who order a lot from us and this is a way to start doing that.

We accept reciepts or screenshots from, GSA Schedule GS-07F-0144X, NSN Orders (see listing below), government contracts, or credit card orders.  For credit card orders direct with SEI, please call 813-527-6334 or email  Often we have found that most customers who buy over $10,000 are usually GSA or NSN customers.

Below is our NSN listing:
1005-01-588-9516 - PN 6021V - Vortex .50 Cal Flash Eliminator
5120-01-512-4959 - PN 1035 - M4/M16 Armorers Wrench
1005-01-535-4385 - PN 7010 - 30mm Heavy Duty Scope Rings, High, 0.865" high for lenses up to 56mm*
1005-01-535-4374 - PN 7008 - 30mm Heavy Duty Scope Rings, Low, 0.264" high for lenses up to 44mm*
1005-01-535-4423 - PN 7018 - 30mm Heavy Duty Scope Rings, Medium, 0.50" high for lenses up to 50mm*
1005-01-535-4417 - PN 7002 - 30mm Heavy Duty Scope Rings, Low, 0.25" high for lenses up to 44mm*
1005-01-535-4395 - PN 7003 - 30mm .50 Cal BMG Scope Rings*
1005-01-535-4430 - PN 2005 - M14 Scope Mount Assembly, ACOG/MIL STD 1913
5855-01-506-5750 - PN 2006 - M14 Scope Mount
1005-01-533-8160 - PN 2008 - M14 Extended Scope Mount
1005-01-534-8696 - PN 1037 - M4/M16 Carry Handle MIL STD 1913/STANAG
1005-00-790-8766 - PN 2070 - SEI M14 Gas Cylinder
1005-01-506-5750 - PN 2006 - M14 Scope Mount

There has never been a Patriot Care Package Award offered like this before by any company we know.  We encourage all our customers to take advantage of it while it lasts.

*The purchaser is responsible for accounting for all equipment properly in accordance with their organization's guidelines
*Items subject to change based on availability

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