Saturday, March 3, 2012

Check Out Our NSN Listing & GSA Schedule

Dear government customers,

We have received an increase in orders from our government customers and would like to reach out to others who may not be accessing all of the tools available to them.  Not all are aware, but SEI has both an NSN list and a GSA Schedule.  These two vehicles make it very simple to buy our much needed products.  Please consult the below if you are a government customer and considering buying our products.

Below we have compiled a list of NSNs to help you with your weapon part ordering.  You can also access the PDF version of our NSN listing here.

1005-01-588-9516 - PN 6021V - Vortex .50 Cal Flash Eliminator
5120-01-512-4959 - PN 1035 - M4/M16 Armorers Wrench
1005-01-535-4385 - PN 7010 - 30mm Heavy Duty Scope Rings, High, 0.865" high for lenses up to 56mm*
1005-01-535-4374 - PN 7008 - 30mm Heavy Duty Scope Rings, Low, 0.264" high for lenses up to 44mm*
1005-01-535-4423 - PN 7018 - 30mm Heavy Duty Scope Rings, Medium, 0.50" high for lenses up to 50mm*
1005-01-535-4417 - PN 7002 - 30mm Heavy Duty Scope Rings, Low, 0.25" high for lenses up to 44mm*
1005-01-535-4395 - PN 7003 - 30mm .50 Cal BMG Scope Rings*
1005-01-535-4430 - PN 2005 - M14 Scope Mount Assembly, ACOG/MIL STD 1913
5855-01-506-5750 - PN 2006 - M14 Scope Mount
1005-01-533-8160 - PN 2008 - M14 Extended Scope Mount
1005-01-534-8696 - PN 1037 - M4/M16 Carry Handle MIL STD 1913/STANAG
1005-00-790-8766 - PN 2070 - SEI M14 Gas Cylinder
1005-01-506-5750 - PN 2006 - M14 Scope Mount

*NOTE TO UNIT LOGISTICIANS & COMMANDERS: Above items are cataloged in DLIS as follows: “GUN, COMPONENT, RETAINER.” Be sure sure to use DLIS Noun Nomenclature when requisitioning through logistical channels. Our GSA Schedule can be accessed

Also, you can purchase almost all of our products on our GSA Schedule at  Just search schedule number GS-07F-0144X and our products will come up.

Thank you,
The Smith Enterprise Team

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