Thursday, December 29, 2011

Artur Tests SEI Steyr AUG Muzzle Brake

Check out this great video showing how effective the SEI Good Iron Muzzle Brake is on the Steyr Aug-Z A3.  Artur is shooting .223 Remington ammo in the video.

Smith Enterprise on Display

Look at this great picture of Ron, Andy, and Caesar that was taken by Gary Paul Johnston of Shooting Illustrated Magazine.  Ron is holding the SEI Crazy Horse M21A5 with a Leupold Scope.  Everything on the weapon is SEI-made.  Andy, who is an Iraq War Vet, and Cesar are holding receivers SEI makes for the M14.  On the table are Vortex's for the M2 .50 Cal and various other weapons.  You can't get any products better than these for your military and civilian weapons.

Ron Smith is Now Part of TACOM "Dime Club"

When Ron Smith went to TACOM earlier in 2011 he was tested.  He had to shoot a dime at 110 yards.  This is very difficult to do.  Not that many people are part of the "Dime Club" accept for the guys at TACOM.  So on the second shot, Ron nails the dime at 110 yard with M118LR ammunition shooting a TRW that Ron dialed in there and was giving them some trouble.  The ding on the rim is from when the dime hit the ground.  Ron was there with Lee Emerson, Doug Carlstrom, and Mike Petersen.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

David Winters of USSOCOM Sent us a Pics of the SEI Vortex and Wounded Warriors

Here is the email that Dave sent our Federal Supply Coordinator John Bainer:


Hope all is well with SE!  I took some time and took pics of our Black Dagger M4s with your SE flash hiders (they work great).

I also added a pic of our SOF Memorial (10-11-11) and some SOF heroes.  Thought you would enjoy!


Here are the pictures Dave sent showing our Vortex and also some of our heroes:

SEI Rolls Out New Tool Pouches

If you need the perfect tool pouch that is the perfect size, this is your kit.  This kit can fit all of the larger tools for serious armorers and it can also fit the smaller cleaning kit tools for the basic rifleman.  Our basic kit is about $60 retail and does not come with any attachments.  You can purchase the attachments seperately, however.  Available in Black, Tan, OD, and Multi Cam.