Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Experienced Security Trainer Gives the Good Iron Muzzle Brake Rave Reviews

We recently were sent a video about our M4/M16 Good Iron Muzzle Brake from Steve Cooper from Paladin Training...  We appreciate email like this and hope you enjoy watching the video.

Here is the email:

Sir or Madame,

I recently installed an SE muzzle brake on a 16” 5.56 AR and wanted you to know how pleased I am with the way it performs.  Muzzle rise and felt recoil are noticeably dampened, but w/o any apparent increase in sound or back/side blast to my surprise.  Everyone comments that it’s the least obnoxious brake they’ve seen.

 You might be interested in a video of the brake in use here:  http://contour.com/stories/urban-break-contact-carbine-class-test-run-paladin-training-inc

I rarely write letters of this sort, but then I’m rarely 100% satisfied with what I buy these days, as I am w/ your muzzle brake.

Thank you.

Steve Cooper, Director of Training

Paladin Training, Inc.