Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some More Close Up Pictures of Our M4 P/N 1002 Good Iron Muzzle Brake

Here are some more pictures of our tried and true Good Iron Muzzle Brake for the M4 Carbine.  It also fits on the M16 and AR15.


  1. can you thread the outside of this comp with 3/4 - 10 RH threads and bore the inside to accommodate a 6.5 Grendel? and how much additional cost would I be looking at?

  2. I installed a good iron muzzle brake on a sks after I threaded it 9/16X24 RH thread. Yeah ron, when are you gonna sell these 14X1 LH. Anyway, could not believe how well this brake worked. I have a 20mm scope on it and I could still see my target for a fast follow up shot. You could hear the gas hitting the top of the canopy at the range we were shooting at.
    I'm gonna install one on a 5.45 saiga next. As soon as I get the threading tools. I would recommend this brake to anyone, and I will give a follow up reply on the saiga.

  3. I have several of these comps on AR-15s, all in 5.56 / .223. They work great, and the fit and finish is PERFECT! The muzzle blast from the side is not as bad as some of the other comps out there.