Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smith Enterprise Shoots at NTC with Snipers

SEI Showcase –
M21A5/Crazy Horse - Ft. Irwin, California - November, 2008,
with personal notes by Ron Smith

The following pictures are of our M21A5/Crazy Horse at Ft. Irwin in November 2008.

Here you see a 1ST Sgt. shooting the rifle at 700 meters unsuppressed to get a ZERO at that distance.

Another soldier shooting with our suppressor at 700 meters and putting them in there every time - it was a windy day.

Here you see our Std. weight .30 cal. suppressor on a M4 with our Vortex being shot at 500 meters. They found that there were no change of bullet impact at that distance suppressed or not, we were very happy as were they.

You see a M240 with our Vortex installed and more of our stuff.

Me with some of the snipers, you can see our CAN on a M4.

These guys were the killers in Iraq and they used some of our guns while there with no problems. You will also see a M110 as well and it did not out shoot our gun, not even close. I will say that they found out the bullet drop with our gun suppressed was far less than the M110 suppressed.

Our .30 cal. CAN on a M4 and a M110 that I fired and it was no big deal, not worth $14.000.00 that's for sure.

Me with some of the killers shooting our M21A5/Crazy Horse at 700 meters along with our 30 cal CAN on a M4.

M21A5/Crazy Horse with our light weight CAN

Our M21A5/Crazy Horse un suppressed at 700 meters.

Ron Smith by the range sign.

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