Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PRT Sends us a Picture of our M4 Good Iron Muzzle Brake in Iraq

Rec’d November 17, 2009


Yes, I have had plenty of chances to shoot the weapon both in the field and on the range. I can tell you it is the best addition to my weapon. The back up shots on controled pairs or burst fire is excellent.

On the range at 25 yards, I can shoot a 30 round magazine on 3 round burst and put them all in the chest or head with no problem. Your muzzle brake (P/N 1002) provides excellent control. I prefer shooting with open sights and the sight picture never leaves my eye.

I have lots of pictures of my buddy (who also has a Smith brake) and myself in and about in Diyala Province. We even have some short video of us practicing on the range with the brakes on our weapons.

Thank you for your support to the military. Your efforts are very much appreciated by all of us.

SSG Jesse H. A. Jr.
Diyala Provintial Reconstruction Team
FOB Warhorse
Baqubah, Iraq

PS: I really wish I had one of your M-14’s to use over here. Then you would really see a Gucci picture!

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