Thursday, June 16, 2011

M240 Vs. MK48 Vortex - Things You Need to Know

Since the M240 and the MK48 both have the same thread pattern, it is possible that the customer may accidentally install the wrong flash hider on the wrong weapon.  While this is completely safe, it will not give the user the most desirable flash suppression.  Therefore, we are posting the below pictures to better show the difference.

The thread length on the M240 are slightly longer, and therefore will butt up against the muzzle when the appropriate Vortex is attached.  Below is a picture of the M240 Vortex screwed onto an M240 muzzle.

The MK48 Vortex thread length is slightly shorter than the M240 Vortex thread length.  Therefore, the MK48 Vortex won't butt up against the muzzle when screwed onto the M240 barrel.  Notice the gap between muzzle and Vortex in the below picture.

Note:  There is no problem when screwing the MK48 or M240 Votex on the MK48 because the MK48 is short enough to securely fasten both models of Vortex Flash Eliminators on it.

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