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3rd Armored CAV Soldier Awarded with Help from SEI

Iraq, 2006: US Army 3rd Armored Cavalry Scout-Observer and Bradley crewman SPC James Olbrisch, with an M14 system made functional with a little help from his friends and family

 (Reproduced with permission)
To: Smith Enterprise
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 12:32 PM
Subject: Attn: Ron Smith - Final report.

Mr. Smith,

I am Mike Olbrisch of El Paso, Texas. Some time ago you sold me some items to send to my son James in Iraq. He came across an M-14 that was not assigned and had no accessories. Several friends got together and bought his magazines, sling, bipod, scope and scope mount. The end results are shown in the photo and the citation. I just thought you might like to hear how it worked.

BTW - he was also recently featured in a report of Front Sight Magazine, MAY-JUNE 2007 page 20 for actions with a pistol when his M-4 jammed.

I should have sent this to you long ago. But other things keep getting in the way. Like camping and hiking with James. All too soon he will be gone for the 3rd tour. Plenty of time then.

Thank you sir. Take care.
Mike - KD9KC.
El Paso, Tx.

SPC Olbrisch's terrific marksmanship skills were a valuable asset to First Platoon, Killer Troop. SPC Olbrisch took the initiative to help train his peers as well as the junior soldiers on proper marksmanship techniques. His teaching helped many of the soldiers in First Platoon develop the confidence and skill that they needed to defeat the enemy. Additionally, SPC Olbrisch volunteered his abilities to help assist on sniper missions aimed at interdicting the enemy trying to emplace IEDs on routes in Killer Troop's area of operation.

SPC Olbrisch participated in more than 200 combat missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He prevented the movement of anti-coalition forces in Killer Troop's sector by conducting Observation Posts, Route Security, Traffic Control Points, and Cordon and Search operations. His dedication to duty, mission focus, and resolute loyalty to his fellow troopers was critical in allowing First Platoon, Killer Troop to control the battle space.

As an Scout-Observer and Bradley crewman SPC Olbrisch's technical competence, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence were instrumental in maintaining his vehicle's combat readiness throughout his tour during Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06. His hard work and dedication facilitated First Platoon, Killer Troop's overall success in bringing security and stability to the Iraqi Citizens.
SPC Olbrisch showed steadfast courage and discipline in the face of enemy contact. Involved in multiple IED attacks on the narrow roads of Killer Troop's area of operations, SPC Olbrisch always remained calm, followed the directions of his leaders, and executed his battle drills to the highest standard. Without a doubt, his actions and initiative were vital to the safety of his fellow troopers and the overall success of First Platoon, Killer Troop.

For meritorious service during Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06 as a member of Killer Troop, 3d Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. SPC Olbrisch's courage, dedication to duty, selfless service, and commitment to excellence throughout combat operations in Iraq are qualities that all soldiers should strive to emulate and greatly contributed to the overwhelming success of First Platoon, Killer Troop. SPC Olbrisch's actions reflect great credit upon himself, 3rd Infantry Division, The Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, and the United States Army.


William C. Cavin, Cpt. Troop Commander.
Comment: Super-motivated soldier with a great attitude!
Ross A. Brown, LTC. Squadron Commander.
Comment: Job well done by this Cavalry Scout!
Edward C. Cardon, COL. Brigade Commander.
Orders 281-45.

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